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✏️Chinese Poetry TRANSLATIONS 


(by tong fu)

我有一张白纸 (I have a blank sheet)

它苍白空洞 (so pale and void)

但又有万语千言 (yet a thousand words it speaks)

我有一张白纸 (I have a blank sheet)

它纤尘不染 (whiter than white)

但已把血泪浸满 (yet soaked in blood and tears)

我有一张白纸 (I have a blank sheet)

它轻似片羽 (light as a feather)

却也如刀如剑 (but sharp as sword, as knife)

我有一张白纸 (I have a blank sheet)

它可以随风飘去 (it may drift with the wind)

也可以点燃烈火燎原 (or spark a blaze across the plain)

我有一张白纸 (I have a blank sheet)

我要举着它 顶着寒风 (against the cold wind, I hold it up high)

或者沉默 或者呐喊 (in silence deep, or let out a cry)

Translation by Rong Eisenberg

眼睛 (Eyes)

陈科全(by Chen Kequan | 8-yr old)

我的眼睛很大很大 (My eyes are big and wide)

装得下高山 (big enough for high mountains)

装得下大海 (for oceans)

装得下蓝天 (for the blue sky)

装得下整个世界 (even the entire world, can fit in my eyes)

我的眼睛很小很小 (My eyes are small and tiny)

有时遇到心事 (sometimes when there's something on my mind)

就连两行泪 (even just two streaks of tears)

也装不下 (are outsize for my eyes)

Translation by Rong Eisenberg

黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵 (Seeing Meng Haoran Off at Yellow Crane Tower)

李白 (by Li Bai) 

故人西辞黄鹤楼,(An old friend bids farewell at Yellow Crane Tower,)

烟花三月下扬州。(heads down to Yangzhou through a fog of spring flowers.)

孤帆远影碧空尽,(His lone sail casts its shadow where the sky ends,)

唯见长江天际流。(gazing at the flowing Yangtze and heavens blend.)

Translation by Rong and Dan Eisenberg


Monterey Haiou Podcast

The Haiou Podcast was born from a simple desire to explore the quaint charm and unique challenges of life in a small Californian town, and the profound influence MIIS has on its alumni. Through relaxed conversations primarily with fellow graduates, we dive into the worlds of translation, interpretation, and localization management, sharing stories of life, studies, and career paths.

Nine months in, the Podcast has turned into our little corner of the world, a welcoming community for women in TILM. Remember when we first landed here? The classes were tough, and suddenly we had to figure out everything on our own—from cooking meals that remind us of home to driving on roads way faster than we're used to, and even trying our hand at cutting a friend's hair. It's been quite the adventure, hasn't it?

But these challenges? They've made us more capable and independent. We've learned to adapt, to take care of ourselves and each other in ways we never imagined. And that's what I want our podcast to celebrate—not just the hurdles we've jumped over, but the journey we've taken together and the skills we've picked up along the way.

So, here's to us creating a space that feels like a warm hug, where we can share our stories, support each other's mental health, and cheer on every girl out there chasing her dreams, one episode at a time.

Tune into '蒙特雷海鸥电台' or 'Haiou Podcast' on your favorite streaming service. Got questions or thoughts? Reach out at 😊

🍴Rong's fav local Spots

Captain + Stoker

Hip spot with chic decor, serving stellar coffee and Parker-Lusseau pastries. Check out their cozy new branch if you are in PG.

Cafe Guarani

Inviting Paraguayan café with a peaceful vibe and sunlit backyard – great for work or unwinding.

Parker Lusseau

Quaint French bakery with subtly sweet treats and a cozy vibe – they serve a bold coffee (Acme).


Prime Alvarado St. gem serving delightful pastries and Cat and Cloud coffee (They switched to Brandywine - a Delaware coffee roaster as of Feb 2024). Ideal for on-the-go or watching the baking magic through their large window.


Homey vegetarian eatery emphasizing farm-to-table ingredients, plus weekly live music. (Be prepared for funky bathrooms)

Alvarado Street Brewery

Local brewery with an industrial flair, pouring craft beers and local delicacies. My favs are garlic fries, steamed mussels, and the standout PIZZA BIRRIA.

mariscos puerto nuevo

Homey Seaside Mexican spot known for seafood – every dish is a gem! If you can read their handwritten Spanish off-menu, give it a go!

Monterey Bay Costal Trail

Walk along the gorgeous Pacific coastal trail on a sunny day and breathe in the brisk ocean breeze. You may see seals, whales, sea otters, and even sharks! (Not really visible from the land but there're shark attacks in 2022)