Rong eisenberg

Chinese<>English Interpreter and Translator in Tech/Gaming/Finance

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Looking for someone to help you communicate with your Chinese-speaking audience? With my services, You will never need to [re]-interpret/translate again.

What People say

 "I've enjoyed working closely with Rong during the 2018 Eisenhower Fellowship Program in China. She proved herself to be a well-trained interpreter as well as a thoughtful assistant with great work ethics. I’d love to work with Rong again."

Dr. Tyrone Grandison, Technology Executive | Former Client

 "I’ve known Rong since 2017 and we worked in tandem as onsite translators for Goldman Sachs for nearly a year. Rong's translation was always idiomatic and grounded in solid research. Besides being a joy to work with, Rong came up with creative solutions that helped the translation team achieve greater quality and efficiency. As a team member or linguist, Rong earns my highest recommendation. She's the person you can count on to be professional and get the job done."

Emilia Wei, Freelance Translator and Conference Interpreter (TCH-SCH-EN) | Former Colleague

"Rong and I interpreted at several Microsoft conferences including a recent one that happened at late night in her time zone. Throughout the 3-hr meeting, Rong used a lot of words very flexibly and delivered excellent Chinese interpretation. I like her voice and interpreting. It’s a great pleasure to partner with Rong."

Zhuofu Li, London-Based Conference Interpreter | Booth Partner

"Rong repeatedly proved herself to be a top-quality linguist who never compromised on delivering stellar results. I was especially impressed with how quickly she adapted to the client’s style and content, even turning the most challenging types of requests into her strong suit. Rong was efficient in not only her translation work but also in how she managed competing priorities and coordinated with colleagues. She was an invaluable member of our team."

Peiyu Wu Rabago, Senior Linguist Training Lead (SCH-EN) | Former Colleague